Fitbit Versa Lite

 The Versa Lite’s vital sign monitor has improved significantly since I tested the Versa. now not do i purchasewacky, and albeit minatoryvital sign will increase that build Pine Tree State marvel if I ought to decision my doctor. Instead, its unit of time measurements square measure currently in line with my results on Suunto and Garmin monitors. However, i used to be reminded that this isn’t a expect additional serious athletes, since the Versa light now not has Associate in Nursing measuring instrument and thus does not track elevation.

As with the Versa, the Versa light has no aboard GPS and solely connected GPS once you’re carrying your smartphone. If you’re already carrying your phone to use the GPS, you almost certainly don’t want aboard Wi-Fi or music storage on the watch, therefore Fitbit cut those 2 options out. Fitbit Versa Lite come's with high contrast OLED display for better vision performance. 

Indeed, I didn’t miss them. whereas I found loading podcasts on the first Versa to be fairly painless, any method is additional annoying than simply turning on a combine of Bluetooth elbow grease headphones. you'll conjointly use the Versa light to manage the quantity of your music and skip tracks, that meant that I didn’t got to dig my phone out of my pocket or butt pack.

The two new colours provide the Versa fat-free a less-premium feel also, even supposing they use constant metalframe because the more-subdued silver model. It’s not they don’t look smart, however one thing concerning sportinga azure or pink watch with an identical band doesn’t specifically scream luxury. Swapping out the band with one that doesn’t match the colour specifically helps some, however my guess is that the silver model are going to be the foremost standard by a large margin.

All of the clock faces and most of the apps square measure gift additionally, as well as a handful new ones to match the Lite’s specific body colours. currently on version three, Fitbit OS has return an extended means during ashort time, however the advancements aren’t in terms of apps. whereas they load even as quickly as they are doing on different platforms, apps on the Versa light square measure still too simple and chiefly a matter of occasional convenience on the Versa light instead of a necessity. None of the apps I’ve used outside of the fitness stuff and timers square measure essentially basically to the Versa expertise, and quite candidly, they in all probability ne'er are. quite a year in, it’s clear that Fitbit isn’t making an attempt to vie with watchOS or Wear OS once it involves practicality.

Like the remainder of Fitbit’s devices, its smartwatches surpass square measure once it involves fitness following, and also the Versa light doesn’t skimp wherever it matters most. the wonderful these days screen continues to beon the market by swiping up from the lowest of the screen, and you’ll see all of your stats (minus floors climbed) with no need to leap into a separate app. just like the remainder of Fitbit’s smartwatches, the these days screen is my favorite feature of the Versa light and also the main reason to settle on it over the other band.

The size and form square measure nice. A smaller version for smaller wrists would are nice, however it’s compact enough to suit on plenty a lot of body sizes than several of the unwieldy smartwatches presently situation the market. It conjointly appearance nice, with a minimalist style that brings to mind nothing over a squat, squircle Apple Watch with a a lot of plasticky end. As for the battery, that’s expressed at four days.