Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K starts at £179 for the 32GB model and £199 for the 64GB version and goes on sale on 22 September, but it won’t have things all its own way in the 4K streamer market.
Quite except for the actual fact that almost all 4K TVs have their own good streaming facilities lately (and pretty smart ones at that), there square measure lots of selections for
consumers in the add-on market as well.
Google’s Chromecast Ultra sits at the bottom end of this scale, with a cheap-looking dongle design to boot. On sale for around £69, it’s a basic streamer that comes with a selection of apps but is very much targeted as an accompanying device. It has no remote control and can only be streamed to via a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
The closest rival to the Apple TV 4K is the Nvidia Shield TV, with its focus on gaming. This comes in at a pricier £189 for the 16GB model, which seems expensive in comparison, but does a game controller in the box as well as a regular remote control.

You’d be forgiven for not being able to tell the difference between the Apple TV 4K and its predecessor. Little has changed, aesthetically speaking.
The Apple TV 4K box still measures a compact 98 x 98 x 35mm and is almost identical in look, feel and weight compared to the 4th generation model. The main difference is the lack of a USB Type-C port on the rear with now only three ports on the back of the Apple TV: the figure of eight mains port, a single HDMI 2.0a output and Gigabit Ethernet. Of course, the TV 4K also has 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which most will use to connect to their home network.

It simply works, and it works well. It's quick to run apps, and crashes area unit few and much between. The hardware is great and includes each HDR10 and Ray M. Dolby Vision, therefore things can look close to nearly as good as they'll on a 4K show. Apps conjointly typically area unit similar in nature, with gestures and menus and what not sharing identical kind of style.
And you'll be exhausting ironed to seek out a streaming service that won't accessible on Apple TV. (The lone major exception is Google Play Movies & TV.)
Plus, Apple TV has a number of the best screensavers around. The aerial views area unit value looking at on their own.The Siri remote that comes with the Apple TV 4K is in contrast to most different streaming remotes in this you need to deem a sq. touchpad to induce around, instead of directional buttons. you will faucet and slide your fingers around to navigate through content rather than physically pressing something.