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PUBG- PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

When it comes to gameplay and visuals, developers have remained true to the PC version. Players can adjust frame rate and screen resolution for the best experience. There is an Ultra HD mode too for smartphones or tablets with 4K screens. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, which has been used to build console games such as Bioshock and Gears of War 3, PUBG Mobile is one of the best looking shooting games on small screen.

Chicken Dinner

Players should be able to show off their victory to others, gloat about it even. Hell, they just survived a match against 90+ other people, they earned the right to. But what should they receive? It may sound dumb, but the prize should be something chicken related. After all, Brendan Greene (a.k.a PlayerUnknown) loves to include that oh so famous chicken dinner line in all his games.

Before we continue, it may be of benefit to discuss the origin of the phrase “Winner winner chicken dinner.” The phrase has two possible origins, with the more known and accepted one originating in Las Vegas. Years ago, the minimum bet in Vegas was $2, and coincidentally a chicken dinner cost slightly less than $2. Winning meant you could afford to buy a chicken dinner, hence the phrase. Alternatively, the phrase can also be traced to back alley craps during the Depression. When money was used, winning meant that the person was able to eat a chicken dinner that night, a luxury at the time.

As for possible in-game rewards, any item introduced needs to be something noticeable, something that says “I’m a winner.” A cosmetic would be perfect, like a chicken hat or bandanna. You might laugh at first, but when a person wearing a chicken hat pulls out an S12K you won’t be laughing much longer. Such cosmetics would clearly demonstrate a player’s mastery of the game and intimidate their opponents.


Mini 14           


Micro UZI       
Tommy Gun  



Just over eight months after the PC version, PUBG on console is finally all set to follow suit later on this week with its 1.0 release. Exiting it’s long-lived ‘Game Preview’ on Xbox, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is marking the occasion with the release of its popular (PC) 4km x 4km map, Sanhok. War Mode and support for custom games will also accompany the update alongside a proper Achievements system that will carry over from the Game Preview version. The 1.0 update also introduces a new currency system that tackles the absence of a marketplace on the console. As a result, BlueHole will be dishing out 13,000 G-Coin to every player for them to spend on skin sets and the Event Pass.

If you haven’t tried PUBG before and are considering picking it up for the first time, now is the best time to do so. After months in Game Preview on Xbox, the game has seen a number of improvements including performance boosts, weapons balancing and bug fixes. While the game will likely always be behind the PC version in terms of both content and optimisation, the existing player base seems relatively optimistic about the game’s future.


Platforms: Windows, Xbox, Android
Price: $29.99
Available online-Available online
Developer: Bluehole, Inc.
Release date: March 23, 2017
Genre: Third-person shooter
Topics: Adventures, Misfits and Underdogs
ESRB rating: T for Violence, Blood

PUBG Android

PUBG was a technical mess when an early version came out on Xbox One last year, and though things have improved a little since, it’s still far from a polished experience. Back then I mostly gave it a pass for still being fun, understanding that it must have been a challenge to bring a notoriously unoptimized PC game to an underpowered console. But the mobile version is so good that I’m starting to rethink that assessment.
Sure, the graphics have been downgraded significantly, with emptier buildings, lower level geometry, and blurrier textures during the initial parachute jump. But it’s hard to tell on the smaller screen — the overall experience of playing this version is more impressive than seeing the Xbox version on a big TV. It really feels like, and is, PUBG. Performance is solid on the pre-production LG V30S I’ve been testing, with a smoother framerate and higher resolution than on my Xbox One S. (The game suggested the highest of three quality presets for my Snapdragon 835-powered phone; a higher quality mode seems to be on the way, presumably aimed at 2018 flagship devices and beyond.)
The touchscreen controls are also smart, if not wholly original, taking ideas in turn from mobile PUBG knockoffs like NetEase’s Knives Out. There are lots of thoughtful additions, like the ability to “lock” your run in a certain direction, and the way there are fire buttons on each side of the screen so you can shoot while strafing or aiming. Some crucial actions, like looting and closing doors behind you, are frankly easier to do on the mobile version than the PC or Xbox.

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