Apple IOS 12 Review

 Apple's software lead Craig Federighi told his team of engineers that, after iOS 12, new updates to Apple's mobile operating system would take place every two years.

The idea behind such a move hasn't been explained, but it's likely so Apple engineers have more time to implement larger features without having to cram them into earlier updates instead.

It's an update that's certainly splitting opinions. Screen Time is a system which purports to make you "more aware of how you and your kids use your devices".

It's an analytics system presented via a characteristically streamlined interface, showing you how long, for example, your longest continuous iPhone/iPad session was, and how long you used it after your regular bedtime.

Users can place limits on how long they use each app for, with social media apps providing an easy and – we imagine – popular target for these. You also receive data on which your "most used" apps were. The information, if troubling to some at first, can help users keep track of, and make the most out of, how they choose to spend time on their iPhones and iPads.

Do Not Disturb gets Bedtime integration, allowing users to cut down on notifications when they're trying to wind down. This can be based on your device's intelligent analysis, or manually entered by the user. Calls and notifications are silenced as usual, but notifications can also be hidden so they aren't the first thing you see in the morning. Running iOS 12, it was calming to wake up to just a "Good Morning" message and not a barrage of individual notifications, as is usually the case. Apple has also taken care of your Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) as you can simply tap on the display to show all the notifications you aren't seeing.

SIRI Shortcuts: 

Siri Shortcuts help you slice time off of regular tasks, automating certain steps at your direction. This is made possible by Siri's analysis of your regular patterns of behavior on your iOS devices. For instance, if you use an app to regularly order coffee in the morning, Siri will learn that, and eventually, start suggesting that regular action. Once apps are updated to support it, tapping a button or speaking a custom Siri command will execute the entire action of placing your regular coffee order. All you'll have to do is get it started.

As I just mentioned, the other part of Shortcuts is custom commands. When you create a Shortcut, iOS asks you to record a trigger phrase, which you can then say at any time to execute the corresponding Shortcut.


Apple is finally grouping notifications by app, so notification spam is greatly reduced and it’s easier to see which apps are vying for your attention. To sweeten things even further, you can dismiss these stacked notification groups as if they were a single notification, which is a surprisingly satisfying experience.


A new feature called For You will let you share full-resolution photos with a friend through the Messages app. Photos will then automatically search your friend’s camera roll for similar photos – especially if the two people made pictures at the same event – and recommend those photos be shared in response.Some observers on social media said the updated Photos app is similar to Google Photos.

Measure App:

iOS 12’s more powerful augmented reality is being put to use right away in a new Apple app called Measure. As the name suggests, the software allows you to accurately measure objects or walls around you. You put the object in the camera frame, tap and drag out a line, and it measures it. Several third-party apps already offer this functionality using ARKit, but now Apple is creating its own and taking advantage of the new, more precise AR capabilities in the upcoming version of iOS. Safe to say it’ll have a leg up on the competition.

How To Download Apple IOS 12 ?

That way you can restore it fairly easily if something goes seriously wrong.
1    Go to Apple's developer site and enrol using your Apple ID.

2      Sign into the iOS Dev Center using the Apple ID you used in the previous step.

3      Register your Apple device's UDID (the easiest way to find out your UDID is to plug the device into iTunes, click on the device's icon in the top right-hand corner, view the Summary tab and click on the Serial Number entry to get it to change to the UDID). Now you'll be able to download the appropriate version of the iOS beta for your hardware - select the exact iPhone, iPod touch or iPad model you're using from the list.

4   Unzip the file that downloads to your Mac (this should produce a .IPSW file). Connect your device to iTunes (if it isn't already).

5       Hold Alt (on a Mac - it's Shift on a PC) and click the Restore iPhone button on the device's Summary tab (next to Check for Update). Select the .IPSW file from the previous step. The iOS beta will be installed on your iPad or iPhone after a few minutes.

IOS 12 Release Date:

The iOS 12 to debut in its full glory until September 2018, this version will no doubt excite those who simply can't wait. As ever with installing beta software, be sure to back up your iPhone or iPad before you charge on with the iOS 12 public beta – if you revert back to iOS 11, you'll be required to restore your phone entirely.