3 Smartphone Solar Charger


Hello Friends toad I made a some spacial for free energy lover. All you-tubers make free energy smartphone charger with DC Motor but this project not work well.
Solar is a very highest part of renewable energy. My Solar Charger Work with 3 voltage regulator LM7805 and I use 10.72 volts solar panel.
My Solar charger can charge up-to 3 smartphone in happy sunny weather. This is simple way to save electricity. I am fixed my solar panel in my roof and at morning 8'O clock start my solar panel automatically and evening 4'O clock solar automatically switched off.  
You can also use 12 volts and 15 volts solar panel for more speed.
Step 1

Parts Needed

1 X 10.72 Volts Solar Panel    http://amzn.to/2qnnC83
12 Volts Solar Panel      http://amzn.to/2AnbPq5
15 Volts Solar Panel    // you choose any one
2 X 4700uf 25v
3 X LM7805 Voltage regulator
3 X USB Connector
3 X 4148 Zener Diode
1 X Heatshink

Step 2: 

Circuit Diagram

The circuit is very simple to make you can use PCB for this project.
Follow the circuit diagram step and build the circuit. This is very simple voltage regulator LM7805 .
First make circuit than fix the heatshink. If your Solar Panel makes Ac voltage so connect 1N4007 Diode in starting of connection.

Step 3:

Know More Voltage Regulator

Linear Regulators. One of the most basic ways to regulate voltage and provide a stable voltage for electronics is to use a standard 3-pin linear voltage regulator such as the LM7805, which provides a 5 volt 1 amp output with an input voltage at up to 36 volts (depending on the model).

Step 4:

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