LM3914 Audio Level Meter

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LM3914 is the basic IC for Led's these contain 10 output for LED's. You can also make
battery level indicator using this IC. Audio Level meter need for DVD players,Sound system,
Microphone system and much more to matching the sound frequency. You can also put
your mood color but , I used first 3 Red, 3 Blue, 4 Green LED's. The pin 5 is input and contain with 
100k preset to change the level of sound power and BC558 correct for input. The first input 470 ohms for more safety in the biggest type sound system. LM3914 total pin 18 and 10 used for led and 8 used for system. Please must be used IC base for better circuit.
Audio level meter used for much more things like entertainment and etc. The new update for audio level meter is connect 10 pcs 5v Relays and connect 10 bulb for enjoy .